Principal Researcher


Dr. María del Mar Castro García, Postdoc University of Siena.


Maria del Mar Castro is currently postdoc researcher in Department of History and Cultural Heritage, University of Siena. She obtained a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship 2017 to develop the project LiguSTAR in Laboratory of Landscape Archaeology and Remote Sensing.

Her research interests cover a wide range of water resources management-related topics but she has mainly focused on the analysis of hydraulic and water management in Roman Times.  Her jointly awarded PhD at University of Laval (Quebec, Canada) and University of Cadiz (Spain) has allowed her to specialise in the study of water management in Baetica province (South Spain) through two conceptual and research approaches. On the one hand, New Environmental History’s approach has provided her with the concepts of human-environment interaction,natural resources management, and integrated water management, as applied to the analysis of the Roman Empire. She is also interested in approaches to the study of waterscapes, as wetlands, lakes or marshes areas. On a more practical level, she has worked on the application of GIS in archaeological research and other methodologies related to remote sensing, GPR, photogrammetry, cartography and digitalisation.



Prof. Stefano Campana. Associate Professor in Landscape Archaeology, University of Siena.

Stefano Campana is currently associate professor in landscape archaeology at the University of Siena (Italy), in the Department of History and Cultural Heritage, where he has engaged in teaching and research. He is specializing in remote sensing, GIS, and archaeological methodology for purposes of research, recording, and conservation. His work is focused on the understanding of past landscapes in the longue durée with particular regard to historic times. The principal context for his work has been and still is Tuscany, but he has also participated in and led research work in the UK, Spain, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Kurdistan and Asia. He has been very active in the international sphere and has established a sound reputation for innovative research. In 2011, he was proposed and admitted as a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London (FSA), and in 2012, he was invited to be a member of the General Management Board of HIST, the Governing Board of the International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage, under the auspices of UNESCO and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. From 2014 to 2016 he was Advanced Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK), Faculty of Classics and McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

Currently, he is carrying out the Emptyscape Project, Filling empty Mediterranean Landscapes, Mapping the Archaeological Continuum.





University of Cádiz (Spain)


Seminario Agustín de Horozco de Estudios

Económicos de Historia Antigua y Medieval



Unit of Geodetecting, Analysis and Georeferencing of Agricultural Historical Heritage (UNC 13-1E-2610)